Tamron Snapshots in the Snow

A guest post contribution by Rachel Devine – Tamron Ambassador

Here in Centennial Parklands we love photography. We’re also one of the best family destinations in Sydney. So when photography and family come together, we get a little giddy!

TAMRON: SNAPSHOTS IN THE SNOW will be one of the centrepieces of Science in the Swamp this Saturday.  For the first time in many of their lives, children will get to experience falling snow (well, almost!) in the very centre of Sydney. Whilst the kids get down to snow ball fighting, the scene provides the perfect opportunity to capture some unique images that you and your family can cherish forever.

Rachel Devine, Tamron Ambassador

Rachel Devine, Tamron Ambassador

As part of this event Tamron Ambassador, Rachel Devine, provided some top tips and insights for capturing those unforgettable snapshots of your brood. For those unfamiliar with this Flickr superstar (where her photos have secured over ten million views!), Rachel is a renowned children’s fashion photographer. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, from People Magazine to Parenting Magazine.

The littleSIDEKLICK Initiative

Melbourne-based (but more often found snapping some obscure part of the globe, family in tow), Rachel has released her brain-child, the littleSIDEKLICK initiative, a 10-lesson course that aims to get photography-loving parents to take pictures with their children, not just of them.

For our blog readers, Rachel made available these following tips from littleSIDEKLICK:

  1. Don’t hold out for “special occasions” – you can use photography to help your children appreciate the every day, by having them document the small things in life – bath time, backyard games & even meal times. Anything that teaches kids that the journey is what counts has to be a good thing!
  2. On a more technical note, pay attention to your background! De-cluttering is to 2014 what minimalism was to the 90s. Less is more and the same applies to your photo backgrounds. Take away all the distractions that detract from the subject or the story.
  3. The lens makes all the difference, not just the camera! Ditch the lens that came “practically free” with the camera and invest in at least one really good piece of glass for your DSLR camera. My favourite and best value has been the trusty Tamron 17-50mm f2.8.
  4. Get in close and get down low! In close you can record the finer details that set a visual story apart from a happy snap. Down low you can record from a child’s level and it can give you the refreshing beauty of seeing through a child’s eye.
  5. Involve your kids! Let them take photos too so they stay excited about being in them. It also makes sure you, the family photographer, are in some pictures and are a part of your family’s visual history.

If you’re really keen to create master photographers by primary school or even just help their kids better appreciate the wonders of the world around them, the full program can be  purchased in print or online: www.littlesideklick.com


Click to visit the website

Click to visit the website



Science in the Swamp, a free community event as part of National Science Week 2014, is made possible through the generous support of the NSW Government, Inspiring Australia and Tamron.


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