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    The red socks turn 30 – celebrate with a tree tour!


Ted Hoare, Senior Arborist at Centennial Parklands, this month celebrates his 30th anniversary looking after the Parklands’ trees! You can meet Ted and celebrate his milestone on his regular tree tour!

Looking after the more than 15,000 trees is a time consuming and patient task, and with his team he has worked hard to ensure that our spectacular range of native and exotic trees are as healthy and well-maintained as they can be.

Ted - of arborist and tour fame

Ted – of arborist and tour fame

In addition to working for the Parklands, Ted has spent most of this time also training up the next generation of arborists, through this link with TAFE NSW. You can regularly see students abseiling up and down the trees around the Parklands, deadwooding and pruning trees as part of their studies!

Hear great tales about our trees…

As part of his role, Ted runs tours for the public – a walk in the Parklands imparting some knowledge, inspiration (and anecdotes!) about the Parklands’ trees. The tours include a leisurely two hour stroll around some of the Parklands most picturesque and tree-lined areas.

The tour fee from these great tours goes back into the management and maintenance of the Parklands.

You can join the next of Ted’s Tree Tours on 1 February 2015. It’s a great fun and informational two-hour stroll through the past and present of Centennial Parklands fabulous trees!

And…what about the red socks?

The top photo is not a joke – it’s an actual photo of Ted’s washing line at home. Maybe you can ask him about the socks on the tour!




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