• Mother Nature Quest For the kids

    Reconnect with nature and mum this Mother’s Day weekend!

Reconnect with both mum and nature this Mother’s Day weekend (Saturday 13 May 2017) with the exciting new Mother Nature Quest at Centennial Parklands.

Created by the Parklands’ Education team who are leaders on the nature play scene, the immersive new adventure is guaranteed to have the whole family working together to solve clues while spending quality time outdoors with Mother Nature!

Bond while uncovering all the secret hiding places for birds and animals in Centennial Park and develop a new-found love for nature. The self-guided Mother Nature Quest trail will take you to parts of the Park you might have never been and it’s stroller friendly which means everyone can join in.

Then finish the day off with a creative, hands-on activity. Receive your Mother Nature Quest certificate and make a personal, nature-inspired present to give mum for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Find out more about the event here. And as a teaser, here are some fun Mother’s Day facts about animals you might see on the trail:

 #1 Bats

Did you know there are Flying foxes live in the Park and that they only have one live young per year?



 #2 Eels

Check out the Eels next time you are near Duck Pond. They travel some 2,000 kilometres to New Caledonia to breed and spawn new young.



#3 Owls

Can you spot the elusive owls in the Park? Baby owls remain with the parents for several months after fledging and may stay within their parents’ territory for over a year.



Over the weekend there will also be a Plant Sale for present ideas, and plenty of café and restaurant and pop up picnic options in the area, ideal for a coffee or lunch with mum!

So why not bring a camera, a picnic rug and make a day of it?


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