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What lies beneath Centennial Park? Well, a part of Centennial Park, that is. That’s the subject of a great new exhibition by artist Shirley Peters. Definitely worth checking this one out.

Late last year we were privileged to get a once-in-a-generation peek inside one of Sydney’s most stunning reservoirs – Centennial Park Reservoir No. 1. The post, and the photos we captured, became one of the year’s most clicked on blog posts. See it again here.

Also getting a glimpse beneath was photographer/artist Shirley Peters. This is a fascinating series of paintings from Shirley’s descent beneath Centennial Park and into the reservoir.

Exhibition details

  • Where: Gallery V, 41 Riley St, Woolloomooloo (map)
  • When: 4-26 July 2013
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm; Saturday: By Appointment

A sneak peek of some of the works

Shirley has allowed us to share some of the artworks you will see below…

Corridors Of Difference

Corridors Of Difference (painting by Shirley Peters)

Dreamed A Dream (painting by Shirley Peters)

Dreamed A Dream (painting by Shirley Peters)

Dearest Friend (painting by Shirley Peters)

Dearest Friend (painting by Shirley Peters)

Quick,They Are Coming (painting by Shirley Peters)

Quick, They Are Coming (painting by Shirley Peters)

Hope you can head along and enjoy this exhibition, and take a peek at the world below.

– – –

Centennial Parklands is art. Not only has the Parklands inspired generations of artists and photographers, we also provide you with a range of artistic opportunities throughout the year. We may have farewelled the Head On Photo Festival, but there is still plenty you can do. Here are some ideas for you:

We will also be holding a photography competition for park visitors later in the year, so make sure you keep up-to-date to hear when the competition is launched through eNewsletter, Facebook, Twitter or iPhone app.

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