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    Photo(s) of the Week: World Record Attempt


This week saw a world record attempt at Showground Field in Moore Park – the furthest successful basketball goal.

But with a twist!


World record attempt - Moore Park

The attempt was to be from a height of around 70 metres above!


Basketball World Record Attempt 2

A lonely looking basketball backboard and hoop was set up down below…


NBA2K13 World Record Attempt

Up in the crane the balls were set on their way…


Basketball World Record Attempt 3

Down came the ball…and what was the outcome?


NBA2K13 World Record Attempt

Nope, that’ll be a fresh air shot…


One of the participants was renowned basketballer, Steve Carfino, who sent out an optimistic tweet…


Steve Carfino

A confident start…


NBA2K13 World Record Attempt

Steve Carfino takes his turn…


NBA2K13 World Record Attempt

Away goes Steve’s shot…


…which came close, very close…but, as they say: “close, but no cigar”. Although, seeing the hoop from the perspective of this last photo, I don’t think there’s too much to be ashamed of!

So unfortunately for the participants, no world record. For us, however, it was another one of those unexpected and quirky activities that often occur in the Parklands that continually make an interesting and engaging part of our city!



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