Moore Park Golf has been the home of champions, championships and champion teams. Now it has launched a new champion – and he’s only six.

That’s six in terms of age, not handicap.

Zane Weinberg started playing golf around the age of 2, and according to his father from this early age “he was hitting plastic golf clubs around the house – we knew he had great hand eye coordination.”


Zane Weinberg at Moore Park Golf (image from US Kids Golf Facebook page)

Zane Weinberg at Moore Park Golf (image from US Kids Golf Facebook page)


Turning early to golf coaching at the Sydney Golf Academy at Moore Park Golf, from the age of three he learnt how to hit proper golf balls. From there it was constant hitting of balls in the park and practising on greens and at the driving range.

Zane has an amazing short game and feels that he can get every chip off the green in the hole and he comes close majority of the time. – Ollie Gebert, Sydney Golf Academy coach


Becoming international

At the age of five Zane started playing in the locally-hosted US kids golf tournaments – he has so far won seven of these tournaments.

He has now earned a spot at the US Kids Golf World Championships in Pinehurst, North Carolina in August this year (Zane’s family have a crowdfunding account that you can contribute to).

We all wish Zane the best of luck for his upcoming adventure, and we will watch his burgeoning career with great interest.


Zane Weinberg heads off for the US Kids Golf Tournament later in 2016

Zane Weinberg heads off for the US Kids Golf Tournament later in 2016


Want to play golf?

Moore Park Golf is one of the best public golf courses in Australia, and is home to the Sydney Golf Academy. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend hacker (or never held a club before), there is a place for you at Moore Park Golf.

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You can book a round of golf online, book a lesson online, or purchase a gift card for that perfect golfing gift!


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